Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relazionali


FISDIR, Federazione Italiana Sport Paralimpici degli Intellettivo Relazionali, is the Paralympic Sports Federation to which the CIP (Italian Paralympic Committee) has delegated the management, organisation and development of sports activities for athletes with intellectual and relational disabilities.

Its foundation took place on 22 February 2009, with the definitive transformation of Department 9 of the CIP into a Paralympic Sports Federation. From 2009 to 2017, FISDIR stood for Federazione Italiana Sport Disabilità Intellettiva Relazionale (Italian Federation of Sport for Relational Intellectual Disabilities); the name was changed by the last extraordinary assembly, which expressed the desire to highlight the value of the word paralympic, as evidence of the Federation belonging to the Paralympic sports world managed by the Italian Paralympic Committee.

The philosophy behind its action is based on the concept of ‘normalised sport’, in the belief that sport improves the quality of life and enhances individual abilities when practised to its full extent, i.e. according to its own rules.

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