Greeting from the President of the L.O.C.

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Stefano Di Brindisi

President of the Local Organising Committee

To all of you, dear Federation Officials and to you, dear athletes together with your families, goes my dearest welcome to the Euro Trigames 2021 that will be held in Ferrara, in our beautiful Emilia-Romagna region. It is our belief that this event represents a vast array of emotions that “infect” us positively, especially in a moment in which that word has totally lost a positive meaning.

We can’t wait to see our territory invaded by that wonderful wave of joy, brotherhood and serenity that all of you will bring with you from the 4th to the 11th October! For our part, we commit from now on and  with all our strength and sense of hospitality to welcome you, so that your stay in our City will be a source of joy and will leave you with pleasant memories to keep.

For us, this event represents the right way to share sport and conviviality in a single celebratory context and gives the right content to being together among people who share the same values.

To all of you, dear friends, the dearest greetings and see you at the opening ceremony of Euro Trigames 2021.