Comitetul Naţional Paralimpic Român

NPC Romania has supported Downs Syndrome athletes for a long time not only in national training opportunities and competitions but also as well as participating in international competitions and events. NPC Romania has been a member of the Downs Syndrome Swimming Association for quite a few years now and also supports the idea that Class S14 should be split into two different classes, one of which would sustain DS athletes.

Our international Paralympic DS swimming team is growing and at present we have 4 athletes who have achieved the qualification standards for the European and World Championships. The athletes are:
  1. Mr. Badea Bogdan Valentin -20 years old: Freestyle, Butterfly and Backstroke.
  2. Mrs. Veress Erna – 33 years old: Breaststroke
  3. Mr. Palimariu Andrei –19 years old: Breaststroke and Backstroke
  4. Mr. Zelenak David -15 years old: Butterfly and Freestyle

At the present moment we have a number of clubs who prepare athletes with Downs Syndrome for different sports such as: Athletics, Gymnastics, Judo, Table Tennis and Taekwondo and we believe that we shall be able to achieve the qualification standards for these sports too in the future.

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